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What percentage of US insurance agents are independent agents?

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🔒 Elevate Your Sales Game with Proven Insurance Strategies! 🔒

Dear Insurance Champions,

Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned agency titan, there's always room to refine your approach and drive your production skyward. In our relentless quest to lift the veil on the secrets to success, we've unearthed powerful strategies guaranteed to invigorate your sales process and keep "poor production" as just a dark legend.

💼 Inside the Inner Circle of Sales Success

Entering the tight-knit fraternity of top-tier insurance professionals means more than just showing up; it requires you to take the reins and lead. Here's how:

- Embrace the Power of Preparation: Don't fall prey to the “operator” mentality with reactive habits. Be proactive in crafting your sales strategy to prevent a culture of constant "firefighting.”

- Invest in Your Sales Arsenal: Tools and technologies are only as good as the strategy they support. Align your tech with your sales plans to create an unstoppable combination.

- Cultivate Consistency: Agency owners, instill steadfast habits within your team. From pitch perfection to daily duties, a uniform approach breeds confidence and reliability.

🏅 Sharpen Your Sales Edge

- Metrics Matter, Track Them: Keep a keen eye on performance metrics. They will guide you in identifying areas for improvement and celebrating successes.

- Training That Transforms: Deliver regular training sessions—individual and team—to ensure everyone’s sales skill sets are razor-sharp and aligned.

- One-on-One Equals Wins: Engage in consistent coaching and hold your team accountable. It's the personalized push that can lead to breakthrough performances.

🚀 Revamp the Relationship with Clients

- Convert Customers to Clients: Ditch the transactional approach. Focus on building a relationship that soothes during cataclysmic moments like true experts.

- Price into Value: Break free from the price war by emphasizing the value of what you bring to the table. Like premium gasoline to a high-performance car, your service is worth every penny.

- Uncover Genuine Needs: Dive deeper than what your clients express at face value. Their real needs could be submerged beneath surface-level wants.

🤝 Refine Your Recruitment and Training Tactics

- Master the Art of Hiring: Selecting the right front-line soldiers is critical. Invest time in recruiting individuals who not only resonate with your agency's philosophy but with the pulse of your clients’ needs.

- Motivation is Key: Once you've onboarded the cream of the crop, keep them fiercely motivated. The fire in their bellies will translate into white-hot sales performance.

- Marketing with Precision: Gear your marketing efforts to your audience's frequency. Listen, understand, and then communicate in a language that they feel at home with.

🎭 The Psychology of Selling Insurance

- Adopt an Empathic Stance: Know your client’s fears and speak to their pain points. Sincerely conveying the impacts of their choices will lead people not only to listen but to act.

- Role-Playing Your Way to Confidence: Simulate sales scenarios regularly within your team. Be it managing objections or delivering your proposition with finesse, practice makes perfect.

🏆 The Leap from Learning to Action

We know you're part of the elite few who choose to transform insight into impact. So why not demonstrate your commitment to excellence?

With practical wisdom as your arsenal and steadfast determination as your guide, you can transform the art of insurance sales from routine to remarkable.

Empower your journey,

Craig Pretzinger and Jason Feltman

The Insurance Dudes! 🚀

The four things that we really focus on with our podcast and in our agencies is hiring, training, motivating and marketing. Those have become the big pillars of our agencies.

Jason Feltman

Unleash Your Sales: The Surprising Power of More Quotes

In the realm of insurance, like in many aspects of life, it's often the simplest actions that yield the most profound results. We had this eye-opening moment when we dove into the performance metrics and saw this clear correlation: more quotes led to more business. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s a fundamental truth that can sometimes be overshadowed by the complexity of strategies and tactics we're all trying to master.

Agents out there are fixated on improving their sales techniques. Don't get me wrong, honing your craft is essential. But let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture for a second. It's not just about being a smooth talker or a persuasive closer. What truly matters is filling up that pipeline, taking more swings, stepping up to the plate more often – whatever sports metaphor you prefer, they all amount to one thing: more quotes.

It's a bit like fishing. You can have the fanciest rod, the most enticing bait, but if you're not casting your line out there, you're not catching any fish. The same goes for insurance. You could be the most skilled agent on the block, but if prospects aren't getting quotes from you, there's nothing to close, nothing to convert.

Our discovery was less about unearthing some hidden secret and more about reminding ourselves of what's really driving business. See, every quote is an opportunity, not just to sell, but to connect, to understand your client's needs, and to tailor solutions that resonate. It's through these interactions that relationships are built and trust is established.

Think of it this way too: the law of averages is at play here. The more quotes you deliver, the likelier you are to hit upon those who are seeking exactly what you're offering. It's a numbers game and a quality game rolled into one. Each quote is a step closer to not just meeting your sales objectives but surpassing them.

Our goal here isn't to overwhelm you with numbers or to set some unattainable quote quota. We're here to shine a light on a path that's been there all along. It’s one that's straightforward yet profound in its impact: focus on providing more quotes, because each one opens the door to a conversation, every conversation is a chance to demonstrate value, and every demonstration of value brings you closer to closing more deals.

So let's not complicate success more than we need to. Let's get back to basics, keep our eyes on the prize, and remember – more quotes equal more opportunities to succeed in this business we all love.

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Answer To The Weekly Trivia Question: 

The independent agency channel places 62% of all property-casualty insurance written in the U.S., according to the Big “I” 2022 Market Share Report.

The annual Market Share Report compiles and analyzes property and casualty premium data from AM Best and provides insights for agencies and carriers on current market shares by distribution types. Based on 2021 data, this year’s report points to independent agencies’ dominance in commercial lines, finding that nearly 88% of all commercial lines written premium is placed by the independent agency channel.

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